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Ricky is a qualified Personal Trainer, Personal Development Coach & Expert in Group Exercise. 

"Obsessed with helping group fitness professionals"

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The fasted most hands-on approach to reaching your fitness goals. 

Jump 4.2

Our World Class Training, Nutrition and Mindset Programme.

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Grow your fitness business 

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Project Me

Coaching, Programming & Workouts. 
Get the support, accountability and community with your training, nutrition and mindset. 


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Jump 4.2

The Worlds No1 Coaching Programme for Group Fitness Athletes.

Training / Nutrition / Mindset

✔︎ Fat Loss

✔︎ Muscle & Strength Building

✔︎ Positive Mindset

✔︎ Successful Habits

✔︎ Education 

✔︎ Group Support

✔︎ Training Programmes For Life

✔︎ Life Performance Tools

✔︎ Results Based

✔︎ For Everyone


Popular Course

Fitness Business

Attention Group Fitness Professional! 

How much would it mean to you if you were able to leverage your group fitness audience and provide them with 1-1 Online PT???

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What People Are Saying

"Ricky planted a seed in my mind and then backed it up with great advice that has transformed the way I operate" 

Anthony Oxford

Personal Trainer, Les Mills Trainer, Reebok Ambassador 

"I know I can lift the phone to Ricky and he has and always will do his utmost to give me guidance towards my goals.  He has a vast network of resources as well as tried and tested theory’s on personal as well as professional development." 

Cara McEwan

Pilates Club Owner & Personal Trainer

"With Ricky & Jump, I learned better techniques for hacking my training and nutrition, and it's improved my life immensely giving me a new found love for all exercise." 

Emma MacDonald

Group Fitness Athlete & Business Owner

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With over 150 Episodes this podcast has an amazing backlog of information for Fitness Business Professionals.

Top Episodes include Rachael Newsham, Tommy Gentleman, Marlon Woods, Brian Keane & Lee Chestnutt


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