Group Exercise Lean Body Project

By Ricky Long

Pick Me

Lean Body Goal Focused

The One Thing We Will Put At The Forefront Above Everything Else

Personal 1-1 App

Yes, It Is A Group Programme BUT I Will Be Bespoking It 1-1 - This Is Why There Are Limited Spaces

WhatsApp Group To Lean On

I Know, Nobody Gets Excited About WhatsApp Groups. Here's How We See It. This Group Will Act As Your Close Circuit Support Network Much More Than A Facebook Group Or Emails. 

What This Is:

  • An 8-week Structured training plan to maximise your time spent training.
  • Nutrition Accountability with a calorie target to adhere to.
  • A Massive ROCKET Up You To commit and STICK to these 8 Weeks

Why We Are Doing It:

Normally every year we have something big like Jump 4.2 or a Bootcamp. This year we decided not to plan anything and only do something if we really wanted to do something AND if there was a "thing" we felt we could fix.

We both teach group fitness classes and we KNOW the amazing things Group Fitness classes do. 

Here we are going to bridge the gap and help you use your Group Fitness classes to create a lean, strong body with a strong mindset to back it up. 

Here, there are no back door sales tactics here. You are either ready or you aren't.

I Am Ready

How It Is Going To Work

  • We use this App by Trainerize. I have been using this for the last 18 months with private clients. 
  • You will create your own profile and link your smartphone with it including your step counter + your My Fitness Pal App
  • Check-Ins - Twice Per week Via the App and our WhatsApp Group.
  • Your plan will be individualized by myself to work around whichever Group Exercise classes are in your calender already.

The Small Print

  • Here, there is no small print
  • This is another 8-week training plan offered online by a another online coach. 
  • If you do it, if you stick to it, even if you just stick to it about 60% you will have class results and feel amazing in just a few weeks. 

Secure Your Spot Now

Do you have limited space? Not really. I will upgrade my PT App Account if needed. 

Is there a deadline? Yes. January 10th, which is also the start date. 

Once you enrol you will get an email with your invite to our WhatsApp Group.

There are 2 payment offers below + The Early Bird which expires on January 3rd

Not convinced?

Email me here [email protected] with your most pressing questions.