Online PT Common Questions

Apr 10, 2019
It's been a few months now since I self published my How To Be An Online Trainer Ebook. 
I must say of the 139 who have downloaded it I have a received a massive amount of questions and feedback!!!
I have selected 3 of the best questions to share with you today but before I do I want to know what would make the BIGGEST difference to your business? Please drop me an email!
1 - How do I get started with online PT? Where do I get clients?
A common question and a fair one. There is that fear of putting yourself out there on social media and asking for business and getting nothing in reply. 
Couple of things 
- Be really clear on your business model and positioning. 
- Who do you want to help?
- How do you want to help them?
- Think of your ideal client. Your perfect avatar. 
- Where are they?
- What do they look like?
- What problems do they have?
- How would your services benefit them?
Now you've got that in your head, here is the hack. Are you ready? 
Private message them. 
That's it. Just message them. Use this template 
”Hi Dave, listen you have followed me for a while and always shown me support. I have just finished designing my first online product and I think it's would be great for you. It will get these results xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx and xxxxxxxxxxx this amount of time. I'd would love to call you and tell you more? When you be a good time to chat in ”name a day” / ”Wednesday”
2 - How do I manage all my social media platforms?
As I said in my book. Have a presence and on all but only focus on one. 
Commit to producing content weekly. Even if that's only 1/2/3 posts per week. In between your posting be productive on social rather than just thumb rolling. Get your self connecting and commenting on others people stuff. Express your opinion positively! This will both start conversations for you AND help give you ideas for content you can use. 
3 - Is the market too saturated?
In short if you believe it is saturated its because you have limiting beliefs in yourself and your business and how you can stand out from the crowd. 
You need to be super dam clear on what your strengths are, who your customer is and how you can help them. Once you know this you can position yourself with content, products and advertising that attracts your ideal client to you rather than you having to go looking 
I would love to hear how your year has gone so far? What challenges have you had with your business? What have you overcome? What are your pain points and frustrations?
My biggest challenge? I have an entrepreneurial brain which makes me think of many ideas at once which sometimes stops me following through. I have to anchor myself. I have to have a strong team around me just to keep me in check and call me on my bullshit. 
Know who your circle is. Trust them and they will trust you.

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