Life Hack - AUDIO

Apr 10, 2019
Life hack I’ll share with you. 
When I drive I listen to audio books. 
When I train I listen to podcasts. 
When I swim I listen to myself. 
Each one has unique benefits!
It’s a leverage of time and a meditation all in one. 
I haven’t done a podcast in a while, new one coming this week!
One of my mentors, mentor, once said something like 
“Average people listen to music and watch friends on Netflix. Successful people listen to audiobooks and podcasts and watch documentaries on Netflix and YouTube”
My mentor than made this a bit more...brutal. 
“Dumb people listen to music and watch Netflix. Smart people listen to audiobooks and watch documentaries”
I’ve mentioned this before in my my emails and got a little bit of feedback saying how music was good for relaxing and meditation. It’s also good to release happy hormones like dopamine and endorphins. I completely agree. 
I don’t listen to music in my downtime. Never have. I empower you to introduce podcasting (start with mine) and audio books (use this link for a FREE BOOK IN AUDIBLE) into your life. Even if it’s just one car journey per week that you get an audio book fix instead of music. 
It may just help you in the next phase of your life. books with fiction are also highly beneficial due to mind stimulation. I like the Harry Potter series 🤓

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