5 Things The GFI Should Be Doing Now In Prep For Class Again

Jul 27, 2020

When the gyms open again what is the fitness expectation for Fitness Professionals?

When your gym opens (it may have already opened) and you start teaching again there is zero expectation of your own personal fitness.

The expectation is you create a fun, empathetic & safe environment for each class! 

Listen, we will all feel it! Regardless of your fitness wayyyyy back in February. 

Regardless of how many home-based workouts you have done and how many Tabata circuits with burpees you have done! 

Even if at some point you have beaten your 5km PB! 

When you come back to classes it is still going to bite. 

The pressure on your lungs, the burn in the legs and the extra sweat which has just appeared as if from nowhere!!!


When I was 15 and training for a football tournament in Northern Ireland I was the fittest I had ever been. We trained right through from February to the competition start in July. The Milk Cup is a world-famous tournament which has graced some of the world top footballers. I even got a game against Wayne Rooney NAME DROP!!! We trained with the squad twice per week and had one game at the weekend. Meanwhile, we all would have been training with our club teams the other 2 nights of the week. 

The training with the milk cup squad was relentless. It was trips to Newcastle Co Down once per week to do the dreaded sand dune runs and shuttles. The other night would have been patterns of play which were drilled until we could not take any more information or running. 

The club nights were more relaxed as they would have just been small-sided games, but they were competitive. Without name dropping too much more many of the players, I played with went on to have wonderful professional careers. 

Anyway, I didn’t make the milk cup squad! Hahaha, just not quite good enough that year!

I was however so so fit. I could run for hours, I could sprint faster than most outfield players and I was already 5ft 9 and a big unit able to handle myself physically.

Pre-season training for the next season started in August. Between not making the milk cup and the new football pre-season starting I did not take a week off.

There were 2 weeks off football training, during which I played most days with pals and did the odd bit of swimming as I was still into that back then.

When I went back for Pre Season, this time with Ards, I got my ass handed to me. I thought I was fit, I was NOT!!!

But why would I be!??!

I rocked in the fittest I could be but nothing prepares you for pre-season.

Which brings me back to you, going back to group fitness classes thinking you need to perform at an elite level. 


You are going to find everything about the new environment of your gym extra taxing on your system. You will be out of breathing faster, your muscle will burn hotter and you will produce more liquid in terms of sweat than a small town river. 

But that’s ok!!!!

Here are 5 things the Group Fitness Instructor should be doing now.

5 things the GFI should be doing NOW in prep for the gym's opening!

1. Keep streaming
2. Make contact with your gym
3. Learn your workouts
4. Contact your members
5. Start building your physical volume up now

1 Keep Streaming
Keep streaming your workouts. Keep that connection with your online members. Especially as its expected many clubs won’t return to full timetables for a while, streamed classes are an excellent way to keep that service and subsidise your income.

2 Make contact with your gym
Call your gym manager and line manager!!! Honestly, stop waiting around and give them a call or a message. Let them know how you can help and ask how they are and when / how the clubs reopening!

3 Learn Your Workouts
Don't leave it to the last minute. Get learning your choreography now! It may also be worth learning stuff you don't normally teach. Les Mills class may be harder to get in the first few months of reopening so it makes sense to learn how to teach other workouts, just make sure they are workouts you are comfortable teaching.

4 Contact Your Members
Similar to point 2, give your members a message either privately or publicly on social. Let them know how you are and what you are looking forward to and possibly any information you can share.

5 Start building your fitness now

It’s said an increase in weekly activity by just 25% can produce an injury. So right now if you are doing 5 hours per week and your GFM calls and says next week you are doing 7 classes then you could easily pick up an injury on week one. Start to build u your hourly volume weekly by around 10% in terms of time. 


When you go back, lower your expectations of what you should be doing compared to what you did do. Instead, focus on creating live in-person connections with your class and friends.



Lyndsey and I did a podcast on this same subject! Listen here - https://podcasts.apple.com/gb/podcast/the-group-fitness-instructor-business-podcast/id1499120471?i=1000485599240

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