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There has never been a better time to do Online PT. The good news is I have created this 28 day course to streamline your how you can start Online PT now sharing with you everything I have done since I started Online Coaching in 2017


Product Design

Use the 9 steps in product design to start Coaching People Immediately 

Control Your Income

Charge your worth for the results you provide and the happiness you can bring.

Scale your business your way.


Help & Serve your clients to amazing results.

My Mission

Ricky Long, dedicated to helping group fitness community.

I want Group Fitness Professional to succeed in their fitness business. I want them to be able to go one step further than teaching classes. I want Group Fitness Instructors to get paid what they are worth. 


I have put these courses together for you to just that and 90% of my socail media content demonstrates this (the other 10% is probably hilarious tiktok videos and sarcastic comments)

Anthony Oxford

PT, Coach & LMUK Trainer

Ricky Long - the outspoken very opinionated fitness entrepreneur

Ricky planted a seed in my mind and then backed it up with great advice that has transformed the way I operate.   

Ricky is straight to the point and all about getting things done in a manner that serves both you and your clients.

I have had the pleasure to work with Ricky on many occasions and I can honestly say all have been positive and valuable.

Cara McEwan

Club Owner & Group Fitness Manager

Ricky has been a first class mentor to me in multiple ways;

Firstly as an instructor. Having taught group ex including Les Mills for a number of years when Ricky stepped into the club he was not only an inspiration to teach with but gave me the confidence to take my own teaching to take it to the next level.

I’ve liased with Ricky over programme development, participation and industry difficulties and his experience has been crucial to me. He is straight talking but factual in his knowledge about current and future opportunities.


Without Rickys guidance (and tech help) I’d have lost the opportunity to capitalise the last 3 months during lockdown. He has offered me support to build an online community that I will continue to work with and benefit from financially even when back working full time. He has provided this info freely to everyone, at no cost as he truly wants the industry to survive and fitness pros to excel.

I know I can lift the phone to Ricky and he has and always will do his upmost to give me guidance towards my goals.  He has a vast network of resources as well as tried and tested theory’s on personal as well as professional development.

Rickys support and friendship has been invaluable


Group Exercise Manager + Club Owner

David Lloyd, Belfast

Chris Ward

Being quite new in the industry, I was both keen and skeptical with working with Ricky, I didn't have much success with product delivery, execution and value, and my lack of revenue reflected this.

However, months after working alongside Ricky, my business seen a growth of revenue from 20k-40k. in short, my income doubled just by taking action on what Ricky had taught me.

The thing he helped me best with, was understanding how to scale my business, and make my career path and goals easier to see through marketing, giving value to current clients and how to reach more potential clientele.

I would work alongside Ricky again, as I believe if you are to take your business seriously and grow, you must invest.

Personal Trainer & MNU Certified Nutritionist

This is what our current students are saying:

What You Get

In this online course you will learn

  • Why it doesn't matter about your current "PT" experience
  • How you can build systems and processes to create a reputable service for your existing participant base
  • How to Increase your Income

Moving online is not a new thing, nor is it an easy thing to do. Many trainers have made the move into online PT in the past with mixed fortunes. You can read all the books, do all the courses and listen to all the podcasts but unless you are crystal clear on WHO you are trying to train, WHAT problems you wish to help people with and then HOW to put systems and processes into place you will come up short. 

A group fitness instructor will guide their participant through a class giving them a welcome introduction, a track by track explanation and a goodbye conversation answering any questions. 

A good PT guides a client through a coaching process over weeks, months and years. 

Both work to a step by step guide, a road map or a blue print. 

This programme will do the same thing for you!

There is a step by step guide for each of the processes you need including

  • Product design
  • Branding
  • Marketing
  • Selling
  • Personal Development

This 28 day video based educational programme combined with weekly Zoom calls will give you everything you need to create your online PT business. 

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If you are reading this page I am certain you have a want to change the fortunes of your business. To take control of your day to day activity and build your own fortunes instead of somebody else's.

You may simply just want to get paid what you are worth...which is WAY MORE than £25 a class. 

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