Jump LIVE 2020 Zoom

October 30th
Zoom Webinar
5 Expert Speakers
1 Headliner
Training | Nutrition | Mindset


Ricky is a qualified Personal Trainer, Personal Development Coach & Expert in Group Exercise. 

"Obsessed with helping group fitness professionals


Personal Training & Jump 4.2

Jump Programming / Jump Lite / Jump 4.2

Are you ready to transform your body and mind to get the most out of your group fitness career? 

Jump Programming is the Lean Body & Mindset Programming designed specifically for Group Fitness Instructors & Participants. 



"Because of teaching so many classes, I always had trouble with finding my own training enjoyment and getting results. With Ricky & Jump, I learned better techniques for hacking my training and nutrition, and it's improved my life immensely giving me a new found love for all exercise."

Emma MacDonald
Group Fitness Professional & Vet

GFI To Online PT Business Course

 Take control of your Fitness Business in 28 days! 

Designed specifically for group fitness professionals. 

INFO Free Ebook: How To Start Online PT

"Because of lack of confidence, I’ve always struggled with video content. With business coaching from Ricky, I learned better techniques for recording video a lot more confidently, and it’s improved my business immensely leading me to a profitable online business."

Chris Ward
Online PT, Podcast Host and Nutrition Expert

The Ricky Long Podcast

The Ricky Long Podcast with over 150 episodes it is an exceptional library of information around fitness, health and mindset. 

Free via Apple, Spotify & Google


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