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"I help Fitness Professionals succeed in business and in health"


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Jump 4.2

Jump 4.2


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Jump 4.2

Jump 4.2 The Online Training Programme All The Group Fitness Instructors Are Talking About This 12-Week Programme can change how your train forever. Who is jump for Group fitness instructors frustrated at their training and nutrition Motivated fitness enthusiasts wanting to increase education People who train and are carrying more body fat than they would like. *FREE GIFT* Join the priority list TODAY and claim your free Jump 4.2 Cheat Sheet + Book your call with Ricky

This eBook Manual is for any group fitness instructor who is looking support with their training, nutrition and mindset. 


Included in this manual

  • Why you need to train to teach
  • How you train to teach
  • Training templates to use
  • Unique Mobility manual specific for Group Fitness Professionals. 
  • Nutrition walk through guides
  • Mindset rules to follow to help you with your fitness business career



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In August I will be swimming to raise awareness. #rickfitswims

About / 

Ricky is a coach who helps Fitness Professionals Fitness Training and Business Growth.
  • Fitness Entrepreneur.
  • Founder of RickFit Jump 4.2 Online.
  • Fitness Mindset Training camp with over 100 graduates.
  • Host of the Ricky Long Podcast.
  • International Fitness Trainer for Les Mills U.K.
  • Public Speaker.
  • Coaching people for success in both their physical and professional world.
Ricky has been in the fitness industry since 2004 having held just about all positions from PT, Management, Ownership and now Entrepreneurship.
“It has always been about creating as
much positive impact on peoples lives as I can”

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"I was unsure to begin with if Jump was right for me with my “Busy” lifestyle but Ricky being the friend he is encouraged me to come on board to fix that “busyness” easily the best decision I have ever made. I lost my way with nutrition & training fighting a loosing battle over training, under & over eating and to be honest a personal mental battle I have had for a very long time, with no real results or education I was in a bad place going round in circles, having gone through a big weight loss journey already this programme has provided me with way more than I could ever have expected , 1.5stone lighter , stronger in my classes, fitter when I teach and in the most incredible condition I have been in both mind & body , I finally found my confidence to move forward with RPM & gained my Elite status. My “busy” life has more structure , planning & purpose creating daily priorities & small habit changes my state of mind is in a much better , healthier , happier place it’s the daily thoughts , feelings & choices that have had the biggest impact for me .I just needed this team of support to help me believe in my self & help me to believe in trusting the process every step of Jump 4.2 has been worth it and so much more. "

Emma MacDonald
Veterinary Laboratory Assistant & Fitness Professional

"Setting my food log correctly..With the right education I don't have cravings, I can control what I eat and I feel healthier"

Tamara García Sabrido
Marketing Executive

"I have gained the tools to gain both increased business in live pt and online. Helping me structure my life, my workload and my stress, I feel 10x better for it. I have learned my value "

Nathan Mckendrick
Personal Trainer

"I am part of Ricky’s 2019 Mastermind & it has been the best thing that I could have done for my business. The lessons I have learnt about being a female fitness business owner has been invaluable. The systems that Ricky has helped me put in place for myself & my clients has allowed me to give more value & serve more people. Ricky has also, without knowing it, instilled a lot of confidence & self belief in myself & my services. I can’t wait to see even more results & rewards over the next few months as I continue my mastermind with Ricky. "

Jemma Jackson
Pro Rugby Athlete & Personal Trainer

The Ricky Long Podcast

Fitness / Business / Success 


The Ricky Long Podcast

The Lyndsey Morrison Podcast

To support instructors and clubs in delivering group exercise classes.


The Lyndsey Morrison Podcast

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